I had another blog in another site about anime. I’m actually promised myself to just stay there but I can’t edit the pic size so, yeah, I decided to change sites. I have an account in Multiply too. That site is really good. But then, due to some circumstances, I picked this site. I sure hope I won’t encounter any problems here that would lead me to change sites again. It’s really tiring. Anyway, I write reviews about anime and manga in my “meine liebe” blogs. That’s what I’ll do from now on. I’ll try to update this site every week. And, if you don’t like my blog, well, f*** off. You don’t have the right to criticize me and I’m being a b****, so sorry. It’s just I hate people who criticize others’ works… Anyway, I’m new at this and I made a blog just to relieve some anime/manga frustration in my part so, yeah, this is for me. But if you want, it can be for you too. Sorry again.

Oh, before I forgot, I wrote some things in my old blog. Just check it out. It’s called “meinliebe


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